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3 Ways to Organize Your TeamPassword Account

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Depending on the type and size of your business you will want to organize your password groups differently. The number of employees and their security-access levels will influence how you structure your TeamPassword account. Test out the strategies below to see which is the best match for your company.

TeamPassword: How to Add and Remove Groups

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In TeamPassword, if you need a user to be able to access other passwords or deny user access to a Group, have an Admin on the account modify the following settings for that user on the TeamPassword Control Panel at . First, sign in at the Control Panel using ...

Unusual Logins: How Sharing Passwords Improves Team Spirit

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Companies use a shared password manager like TeamPassword every day for mission-critical logins: Those essential tools and apps that keep the business functioning at its highest potential. But they’re also sharing logins that make the office run smoother, improve employee morale and make it easier for their teams to collaborate ...

Never Waste Time Searching for a Password Again

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TeamPassword helps teams of all shapes and sizes save time and money by eliminating the need to constantly search for passwords to access the daily apps and tools you need to get your job done. TeamPassword’s Browser Extensions and Google Sign-in let you work faster than other options like LastPass ...

Maximize Collaboration with TeamPassword

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A secure password management system is crucial for agencies who manage numerous clients. TeamPassword’s Groups Feature helps agencies keep track of and share internal passwords and the dozens (or hundreds) of account passwords they manage for their clients. “The groups are the killer feature for us. Being able to have ...

How the TeamPassword Groups Feature Helps with Onboarding

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In a May 2017 survey, we learned that our Digital Marketing customers save an average of 120 minutes when onboarding new employees and clients by using TeamPassword. Onboarding is an area where our Groups Feature shines. We’ve made setup as intuitive and simple as possible so your staff will have ...

Solving Common Agency Problems with a Password Manager

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We've all worked with agencies who don't have their processes together, causing projects to run over schedule and over budget. TeamPassword provides a built-in procedure for handling sensitive information so you can win clients’ trust and outperform the competition. Having good password processes in place shows new clients that your ...

A Better Alternative to Your Current Password Manager

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Are you often frustrated by the functional downfalls of your current password manager? Read on to learn why TeamPassword is the most comprehensive and easy to use password manager in the game. A lot of people find TeamPassword because they’re looking for an alternative to LastPass or DashLane. Curiously, that’s ...