Your passwords speak a lot about your personality

Some people like to choose a random set of letters and numbers for their passwords. Others choose a password that mean something to them, that pertains to their characteristics. For example, one might choose their password to be his or her favorite sports team. Such passwords often speak a lot about your personality.

Many people choose passwords that have to do with what they enjoy or love. For example, if you are a fan of baseball, you might set your password as "baseball" (it's also part of our annual worst password list) or as the name of your home team. You might be a fan of Star Wars and set your password as "Vader."

Some people choose passwords that have to do with their family. For example, they will set the password as the date of their birthday or the name of their pet. I used to set my phone number as a password. Such passwords reveal personal information regarding you or your family. This is an important reason we should be cautious in choosing our passwords and opt for stronger and more unusual passwords that are hard to guess.

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