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TeamPassword helps you manage and share access to the apps, services, and tools your team needs to keep projects moving.

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Your Team, Secure and In Sync

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Keep Projects Moving

Everybody hates being locked out. With our shared password manager, your team's apps and tools are accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection, keeping your projects moving.

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Share Logins and Passwords

Most password managers are for personal use and require installation and configuration. Our team password manager was designed from the ground up with ease-of-use and collaboration in mind.

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Protect Your Assets

If poorly managed passwords get into the wrong hands, the consequences can cripple your business. Our secure password manager protects your team by controlling access to your most valuable assets.

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Password Management for Teams of All Sizes

From startups and small agencies to those needing an enterprise password management solution, TeamPassword works for teams of any size.

Our customers include:

  • Tech startups
  • Software design and development teams
  • Freelancers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Inbound marketing agencies
  • Schools and universities
  • Enterprise IT departments

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Why Our Customers Love Us

Headshot of Arsham from WebMechanix

"Before TeamPassword, dealing with passwords was killing me…we're talking dozens of management hours per month…Now, we can put that time directly to more billable hours."
Arsham Mirshah

Partner - WebMechanix

Headshot of Mike from Inflow

"TeamPassword is great. Saves us tons of time—it’s the first thing we set up for new employees."
Mike Belasco

President and CEO - Inflow

Headshot of Caleb from Grey Ship

"Most of the agencies we work with struggle to manage their clients passwords, especially when their staff changes. TeamPassword is the best way we've found to make that process simple and secure."
Caleb Custer

Founder - Grey Ship

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