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Thousands of customers trust TeamPassword to securely manage and share access to logins and passwords.

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Your Team, Secure and In Sync

Our shared password manager is easy to use and can grow and change with your team. We offer plans designed for small businesses as well as for larger enterprise password management. Learn more about how TeamPassword can simplify password management for your organization, or experience it for yourself with a free trial.

More Productive

Everybody hates being locked out. With our web-based password manager, your team's shared logins are accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection, keeping your projects moving.

More Collaborative

Most password storage solutions are designed for individuals and require installation. TeamPassword is designed from the ground up with ease-of-use and collaboration in mind.

More Secure

It's easier than ever for hackers to intercept and crack simple passwords. TeamPassword enables you to start using randomized logins without requiring your team to memorize them.

The Team Password Manager of Choice for Business

Organizations of all sizes turn to TeamPassword to save time, ensure security, and enhance productivity. Find out why users love TeamPassword.

Headshot of Arsham from WebMechanix

Arsham Mirshah

Partner - WebMechanix

"Before TeamPassword, dealing with passwords was killing me. Across a team of 20 people, we're talking dozens of management hours / month, which is like, 2 whole working days! Now, we can put that time directly to more billable hours."

Headshot of Mike from Inflow

Mike Belasco

President and CEO - Inflow

"TeamPassword is great. Saves us tons of time—it’s the first thing we set up for new employees."

Headshot of Caleb from Grey Ship

Caleb Custer

Founder - Grey Ship

"Most of the agencies we work with struggle to manage their clients passwords, especially when their staff changes. TeamPassword is the best way we've found to make that process simple and secure."

Who uses TeamPassword?
TeamPassword is perfect for:

Product Companies

Product companies use TeamPassword to easily share and update their new accounts and services, and to keep control over who has access. Teams often create groups (like "Accounting" or "Developers") in order to easily manage access.

Client Services Companies

Client services companies in digital marketing, SEM and SEO, advertising, software development and design, and information technology. TeamPassword is the perfect way to group and manage your clients accounts.

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