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TeamPassword is accessible from just about anywhere with an internet connection. Access and manage logins and passwords from the web, smartphone or tablet, or from our Chrome and Firefox extensions.

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List of team members in a group

Groups and Sharing

Groups allow you to quickly share logins and passwords with a subset of team members, a group of external collaborators, or even the entire team. If a team member no longer needs access, they can be removed from the group with a single click.

Unified Master Login

Belong to multiple organizations? No problem! Use your unified TeamPassword master login to access a simple team password manager where all of your various logins are available in one place.

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Password generator interface

Password Generator

Need to create a new password when setting up a private or shared login? No sweat: use the built-in strong password generator to generate secure, randomized passwords on the fly.

2-Step Verification

Add an extra layer of log in security to your TeamPassword account by requiring a temporary Google Authenticator code in addition to your master password. You can also generate backup codes to ensure you'll never get locked out.

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List of recent login activity

Activity and Logging

Keep an eye on all team member shared activity on TeamPassword and get insight at a glance into whether or not your team is using secure best practices.

Email Notifications

Get notified when important things happen on your team, such as adding or removing people or passwords. You can receive email notifications for just about any important action on TeamPassword.

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Secure Encryption Technology

When you use TeamPassword to share a login, your sensitive information is hashed, salted, and encrypted locally on your computer, and then transmitted to the server via an encrypted connection.

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