How to hacker proof your email

Today, email has become ubiquitous as a source of communications. People sometimes forget, though, that email accounts can act as "keys to the kingdom" of passwords since so many sites have "forgot password" features that send resets to your email account. Email accounts also often contain very personal and valuable information about you. Thus, it is very important to hacker proof your email.
Hacker proofing your email can be done in many ways. One way is to add a strong password (Check out our post on "How to make a strong password"). People often make the mistake of choosing an easy password for email since they use the account so often and want to remember it. If that's the case, you should use a password manager like TeamsID or SplashID to generate a random password and remember it for you.
Another way is to use two factor verification. This kind of verification process adds an extra layer of security. For example, in Gmail, after you input your password from a new browser or device, a text is sent to you with a six digit number. You must then input those numbers to access your email. These two methods are excellent ways to secure your email. However, don't forget to be cautious when inputting your email address on various places in the online and offline worlds.

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