Why You Need a Free Google Chrome Browser Extension for Password Management Now

Remember when we scribbled passwords on fluorescent sticky notes? And kept login details in an old notebook on the side of the desk? Google Chrome has brought password management into the digital age, with a range of free browser extensions that remember our logins for us.

Once installed, a Chrome browser extension for password management saves your details when you log in to websites and automatically inserts usernames and passwords into input fields on websites in the future. It's an enormous time-saver. 

Nearly 28 percent of people already use a secure password manager. But which one should you choose?

TeamPassword's Chrome extension is the No.1 password manager for teams that collaborate at home and in the office. Download the free Chrome extension to your browser now or try the free trial of TeamPassword. 

Table of Contents:

  • What are the Best Password Tools for Chrome?
  • 1Password
  • LastPass
  • Dashlane
  • TeamPassword
  • Why You Need a Chrome Password Security Extension
  • Why TeamPassword is the Best Chrome Browser Extension for Teams
  • Before You Go to the Chrome Store

What are the Best Password Tools for Chrome?

  • 1Password
  • LastPass
  • Dashlane
  • TeamPassword (Best for teams)


1Password generates randomized passwords for websites you browse on Chrome, safeguarding your data. This free extension lets you experience 1Password direct from your browser, with features like password cloud storage and two-factor authentication. 1Password is a decent introduction to Chrome password management. 


This extension will store passwords in a secure vault and auto-fill login details when visiting websites through Chrome. (So you no longer have to remember passwords.) The LastPass browser extension decrypts passwords locally on your device and stores credentials in the cloud. 


Dashlane is a Chrome add-on that offers password encryption, two-factor authentication, and auto-fill features for beefing up security when browsing the web. You can change passwords in one click and secure passwords in the cloud. Other features include dark web and virtual private network (VPN) monitoring. 


The three Chrome extensions above provide various security features but cater to individual internet users with simple password requirements. TeamPassword is the No.1 password solution for business teams, offering a suite of features that enhance collaboration at home and in the workplace.

TeamPassword lets teams manage multiple logins and keep projects moving. Office-based and remote workers can access passwords from one centralized hub, which boosts performance and productivity. This free extension stores passwords in the cloud and provides one-click access to online accounts via Chrome.

Download TeamPassword's Chrome extension. It's free to use and quick to connect to your browser. 

Why You Need a Chrome Password Security Extension

  • You no longer need to memorize complex passwords.
  • You no longer have to write passwords down.
  • Keeps passwords in a safe environment, which reduces cyber-crime risks.
  • Quick access to online accounts. (A password manager auto-fills your login credentials.) 
  • Controls password access. 

Why TeamPassword is the Best Chrome Browser Extension for Teams

  • Password sharing for collaborative teams
  • Enhanced security such as two-step verification, vulnerability sweeps, and audit logging
  • Free to download
  • Encrypts data locally
  • TeamPassword's hosting provider accredited with the following standards: ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2/SSAE
  • Provides new employees with access to shared passwords in two steps
  • Revokes employee access to shared passwords in one step
  • Improves business compliance
  • Improves data governance. (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, etc.)

TeamPassword clients include startups, software development companies, marketing agencies, and more. 

Before You Go to the Chrome Store

Password management is a headache. Most of us struggle to remember passwords because we use so many of them. 

Luckily, there's a solution. Installing a password manager add-on to Google Chrome lets you manage passwords when you browse the internet. But not all Chrome extensions are the same. If you collaborate on projects, a Chrome password tool for teams provides shared access to business-critical login credentials. 

Are you looking for a Chrome password manager for teams? TeamPassword's Chrome extension has a 4.7/5 rating and over 4,000 users. It's the all-in-one password management solution for office-based and remote teams that require shared access to website accounts. 

Download the TeamPassword Chrome extension for free or try a free trial.